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Breed:__________________ CKC # or AKC # or Pet Home:_______________________

With my initials I acknowledge that I: Did or Did not receive papers today:_____         

Date of Birth: ___________         Shots Given: See Shot Records Attached/Vet check

Color: _______________________    Male or Female



This is to guarantee the described puppy to be free of disease or other health defects other than common puppy maladies at the time of sale. You will need to get purchased puppy vet checked in the first 24 hours after purchase. _________________________________Customers Vet name & Vet check appointment time/date:____________________________________ The purchaser is responsible for taking the puppy to a veterinarian within the 1st (day) 24hrs for a complete examination:(Puppy Wellness check with Fecal Flotation required) and report back to Toys and Teacups results by phone in 24hrs & also send copy of vet check form from purchasers veterinarian when leaving vet. If not this contract is void. The purchaser is also responsible for all veterinarian expenses after purchase. If the puppy is found to be suffering from disease or defect other than a common puppy malady by a duly qualified and registered vet of the Purchaser choice after the sell and provides a notice of said exam and results to the seller within 24hrs the puppy will then be examined by Alabama Toys and Teacups preferred vet to check for disease and defects. The Puppy will only be replaced if both duly qualified veterinarians agree on a common defect. I will replace the puppy with another puppy of the same value and conformation of the original purchased puppy. If no puppy is available at that time I will have 12months to replace the puppy with another puppy. If the buyer chooses not to take said puppy to the vet for an exam, he or she forfeits all rights to a guarantee on purchased dog/puppy, at any time. Great care is exercised to prevent or eliminate parasites and sicknesses such as hernias, hypoglycemia, Distemper, Parvo, Roundworms, Hook worms, Tapeworms, Coccidian, Giardia, Fleas, Ear mites, The mange and Ring worms, however, since these are quite common among animals we can not guarantee any animal to be a totally parasite free. Care has been taken to give their first shots and worming, it is the buyer’s responsibility to see the ongoing of shots, worming and love. Buyer agrees that they have purchased required food/vitamins/crate/playpen. No switching of food/treats the first month into the puppies new home. No outside play or play with other dogs/cats under 1 year of age the first 4-6wks of going into his/her new home or contract is void. Seller warranties the puppy listed below against distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza and parvovirus for 72 hours after receipt. If, within the first 72 hours, after the date of receipt, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza or parvovirus causes the death of the puppy, Seller will replace the puppy with another available puppy of equal value from a litter chosen by the Purchaser, shipping not included and or vet cost. The purchaser agrees to pay for sellers legal fees should the purchaser not fulfill contractual obligations. Purchaser agrees to let Alabama Toys and Teacups determine venue. Should any litigation arise regarding the puppy for any reason the purchaser is obligated to pay the seller’s legal fees and any other expenses. By my signature I agree to the terms and conditions of this Sale/Deposit Contract and the terms and conditions of the health warranty stated in this document. Rehoming: If for any reason, you are unable to care for your puppy or adult dog – Contact us immediately. We will help to assist you in rehoming/relocating your puppy in a new “approved” home. Although we will not reimburse/refund you for the purchase price of the puppy – we can help assist you place him/her into a new loving home environment. This one year warranty is only for the family signing this contract – It can not be transferred.


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