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The Murray Family
"We got a male Chihuahua puppy from Merry Melton and Alabama Toys and Teacups Boutique in July and we just love the little guy! This pup was our 3rd Chihuahua, but our 1st one from Merry and the difference is huge! This dog has such a good temperament, especially compared to our other two Chi's that we got elsewhere! The difference a good breeder can make is more important than we realized!! Merry truly cares about her pups and she is doing a great job of preparing these pups for their forever homes!! We will get our dogs from here forevermore!!! This place is Exceptional and the best we've ever encountered!"
Brittany Smith
"Getting to see my wonderful dogs everyday is the BEST part of my day! Almost two years ago, I purchased my first dog, Bentley, who is a yorkie! He adjusted extremely well and was very good at potty training! I already had one sweet puppy, and they got along instantly!! He is such a loyal dog, and may I add, such a mommy's boy!! :) He is extremely smart and learned tricks so well!!! He does not mess or chew anything up, which is why I am comfortable with leaving him to roam in the house all day while I am at work! I really wanted another dog, and was so blessed to win the $500 off a puppy contest!!! Therefore, just recently, I purchased my second dog from Alabama Toys and Teacups, Bridgette, which is also a yorkie, and since I purchased her, about 3 weeks ago, she is already potty trained!!!! She gets soooo excited when she goes on the pad! And once again, all of my dogs got a long very well!!!! Bentley instantly loved her!!! She is so playful and sweet, does not keep me up at night (she sleeps from 10 pm to 7 am, no lie!), and is definitely a little daddy's girl! ;) If you are looking to get a dog, Alabama Toys & Teacups is the place to go!!! I am so blessed with 3 wonderful dogs, two from ATT, and would recommend this place to anyone!!! Thank you Alabama Toys and Teacups for loving dogs as much as I do and for taking the time to care for each one of them! You can really tell the love and attention they have had when you pick them up! Also, thank you to the owner, Merry, who is such a sweet woman and loves for all the dogs so much, even when they are adopted! :)"
Julie Wells
"Merry, Thank you for the love of my life..lol. We bought Noel on Christmas Eve, and she is just the sweetest puppy I have ever been around. She is very social and playful, and when it time for her to go to bed she loves to cuddle :) She also has a big brother named, Scout. He is a 90 pound boxer. Watching them play is hilarious. He is soooo good with her. Thanks again for the best gift, Julie Wells "
Abby Baker
"Merry, My name is Abby Baker and I live in Huntsville, AL. I had the most amazing dog in the entire world Zoey Grace Lupo. She was a 5lb Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie). I lost her July 28, 2011 to a very tragic accident. She was rushed to the Animal ER in Huntsville then to Auburn University and did not make it. I was and I am still having a very hard time with her being gone she was my best friend and went everywhere with me! I had a bad day at work about a month after and left early. Knowing that I couldn’t go home to Zoey I got upset and decided to play on my Facebook when I saw an adorable picture of a Chi-weenie on my home feed. Wondering what in the world he was I looked up the breed and read very good reviews on them! I asked Merry Melton if she had others and she sent me all 5 of the puppies pictures immediately. Looking over them I fell in love with little Dexter’s face. We drove to Arab that day to look at all of the puppies and decide if I was ready to get one. The minute I picked up Dexter he loved on me and kissed me all over I knew then he was going home with me! Merry Melton was so helpful! She informed me about the breed and how to take care of him. He is now 12wks 4.6lbs and the happiest little man I have ever seen! He sits and plays fetch! He loves all his toys and playing with my boyfriend and I. He also loves playing with other dogs and kids, he isn’t afraid of anything!! I am so blessed to have found another perfect little angel like my sweet Zoey and I thank Merry Melton and Alabama Toys & Teacups for making this possible!!"
“Merry Melton, When I saw my little Ruby’s picture back in April I knew she was meant to be mine. She fits in perfectly with my family at home and with my friends in Auburn. Everyone comments on how well behaved she is with people and other dogs. She is very smart and has already learned to fetch and sit. She loves to cuddle and knows just how to make my day better. I can honestly say she is the best purchase I have ever made! My dad loves her so much he jokes about buying her from me! I would definitely encourage anyone to buy a puppy from you and Alabama Toys and Teacups. Thank you so much for bringing my sweet Ruby into my life! Julianne"
Brenda Goodwin
“Merry Melton, Kloie is very loveable and spoiled rotten. She thinks that she is a human being. She doesn't go outside because she will take off like a rabbit. She uses the bathroom in the bathroom. When we ride in the car she rides on my neck. She sits in the purse when we go to town. After sitting in the purse for so long she will eventually go to sleep. I dress her up and take her to wal mart and show her to people who will want to look. Everyone thinks that she has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. Everybody wants to hold her all the time. She sticks to my side. Wherever I go she will follow right behind me. She loves flip flops. She will chew on any pair that she spots. When it is time for bed, I will lie down and turn the lights off and she is ready to play. She will eventually calm down and will go right to sleep. She sleeps with me at night, and when I am on the wrong side of the bed she will lay on my pillow. She is such a joy to have around the house. She keeps me company when I am by myself. She is such a blessing to have. I would recommend to anyone to get a puppy or their new "baby" from you. They are such a joy to have, and I thank you for giving me my baby. Thank you!"
Cherie Lamatina
“Dear Merry: I just wanted to update you on Little Classy (now named Tequila) who I purchased from you back in May. She is such a little DIVA and you were right she LOVES to be the center of attention!!!. She is doing well and loves to boss her big brother around. She is without a doubt the best purchase I’ve ever made on my American Express Card. She has brought such joy to my life and to my family. She has a wonderful personality, she loves to play with her toys, cuddle up next to me and sleep. She is very lovable and yet can be very feisty at times. Over the weekend I had taken her to this Halloween event and she won 1st place in the Halloween costume contest and she loved all the attention that came with it. I have enclosed some pictures of her. Yours Truly, Cherie Lamatina” 
Jeanene, George and Gus
“Just wanted to let you know about Gus' visit to the vet. After a thorough exam, the vet said "I'm impressed, and I'm not easily impressed" He said he is a perfect example of a fine breed, and also said he is remarkable. He went on and on about his perfect coloring, size, coat, teeth etc...and even that he has a perfect mouth. He said he sees so many of this breed not in good health with problems from the head to the feet, he said it is all about the breeder and that you have done an excellent job. I thought you might like to know you definitely have a fan in Oxford, Alabama. Gus is doing very well by the way and seems to have already adjusted to his new home. And of course my husband and I love him so much. Thanks so much Jeanene, George and Gus ”