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Puppy Pickup Policy




 Our Puppy Pickup Policy :

We prefer pick ups in person. We love meeting new puppy families and educating you on how to take care of your new fur baby when picking up. We have a puppy boutique just for puppy pick ups. We are appointment only with deposit for pick up. This is a policy our Vet and BBB (Better Business Bureau) helped us develop and have been running our kennels this way for over 10 years. :

Many people question if they can pick out in person, see, touch, or play with the puppies before they are ready to go to their forever homes at 8-12 weeks of age. The answer to the question is NO. People usually do not understand the reason why we enforce this rule at our kennels/boutique. I hope this blog post can help families better understand.
There are several reasons why we do not let anyone around the new puppies between birth and 16 weeks. The main reason and to me the most important is to protect our adult dogs and the puppies. Below you will find not only details as to why the answer is no but also information as to what you can do in the mean time to prepare for your puppy if you have purchased from us.
First, it is extremely stressful for the mom to have strangers visit as she is caring for her new litter. This in turn will put stress on the new born pups. Remember, you are one of many people who are getting a puppy, not including everyone else who “just wants to peek at or play with the new babies before they decide to purchase.” If we allow everyone to see, touch, or spend time with the new pups, the mom’s routine would be disrupted: her eating and caring for pups and even her ability to produce enough healthy milk for them could be at risk. We have also had moms stress and kill their new litters due to anxiety and stress and adding in new faces and new smells can add on to her anxiety and stress levels.
Like a new baby, the opportunity for young pups to pick up infectious diseases is increased with all new contacts. Their immune systems are building, so at this time, the moms and pups live in whelping nests (Pack and Play pens/Birthing Nursery) which have controlled temperatures and are separate from all outside traffic. Most illnesses and diseases are innocently carried on people’s shoes and clothing. (Parvo can live in the soil for over 30+ years) Entire litters of puppies can be wiped out within 48 hours by the puppy killer parvo virus. This disease could be picked up unknowingly by people in a school yard, a park, or on a sidewalk, and this is only one disease. We cannot risk exposing our dogs and your puppy to diseases that could destroy them.
Your puppy is not the only puppy. By protecting all of our puppies from stress and disease that could be brought on by high traffic, we are protecting your puppy. Just think about how you would feel if someone who just wanted to see his or her pup or were just "shopping around for a puppy" happened to bring in stress or illness that would cause us to lose a litter and you to lose your future puppy. We have heard from many people that pet stores, other breeders, or other kennels let clients visit puppies; the reality is that their number one concern is selling a puppy. Also, will those people be there to support you, replace the puppy, or guide you in the days, weeks, or years after you get your puppy home? Are they willing and capable to help you with training, breeding, behavioral, or health questions? Just because someone allows you to see the puppy, it does not indicate the quality of dog or of service you will receive throughout the puppy’s lifetime.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We take great care and much time caring for all of our dogs and their puppies. It is time and energy consuming. This is what we do best, so please let us do it. We understand your excitement, and we are happy that you are enthusiastic about getting your pup. But until you take your puppy home, we are responsible and the puppy’s health and safety is our priority. I guarantee you that in 8-12 weeks after the birth it will be well worth your wait. You will reserve a well adjusted Healthy- Happy Puppy!
We update photos every 2-3 weeks on a puppy litter calendar rotation schedule. (Depending on how many litters we have at the time) We will email them to the new families when it is time for your litter to be updated. We like for our families to see their new family member growing and getting ready to come to their new homes. (This is for families who have reserved a puppy with a deposit)  If you put down a deposit on a puppy or for pick of the litter but fall in love with another puppy on our website, That is Okay! Or if you come to pick up and do not "click" or like the look of your new puppy you can choose to switch your deposit to another puppy on the website of have a credit. We want to make sure all puppies go to their forever loving homes. 
View our Deposit info on our FAQ page. www.toysandteacups.com - We even do VIDEOS now! We are new at videos and usually post 1 video for each litter when they are around 5-8 weeks of age.
What Can you do in the meantime?
1. Puppy proof your home.
2. Be sure to purchase the items on the shopping list before pick up.
3. Set up Pack and Play pen and have area ready for puppy.
4. Purchase Items for pick up appointment/What to bring to pick up:Rectangle plastic clothes basket lined with potty pads and blankets for the car ride home. This will help with the ride home. It is also a good idea to bring extra potty pads in case of potty accidents/car sickness. If your drive is over 3 hrs then be sure to bring bowls & food/water that is listed on the puppy shopping list. Required at pick up: bring your Clothes basket in for your appointment. Remember to schedule your vet check before coming to pick up. You will need to schedule for the same day or the day after pick up for your warranty. We need for your warranty the following info at pick up: Name of vet or clinic doing your puppy wellness check/vet check and appointment date/time of your vet check. Your puppy will come vet checked by our vet a few days before pick up with a signed vet certificate/shot records and up to date on shots/wormings. You will only need the wellness check no shots/wormings at your vet appointment.
Thank you,
Merry Melton Hollaway Daniels
(256) 200-0512